#101 | I might regret this.

I’ve been on the fence about sharing this.

Because I have something extremely good that not many people are doing.

There are bloggers in my niche who copy every single thing I do.

It’s so obvious. It’s embarrassing.

So, I’ll just preface this by saying you know who you are,

And when I see that you start doing what I’m about to share (in the same micro niche I’m in),

I’m going to put you on a special list of people who I will copy back 10x as hard.

And you can’t compete with me because you probably don’t even have a passport.

I’m writing this from a hotel, look…

Okay, that’s the disclaimer done 🙂

I’m going to share this tactic anyway, because I’m not going to let a handful of people who have zero original ideas of their own stop me from sharing something that will help the rest of my NSL email subs make more money without Google.

I want you to succeed.

Now… The thing that has been working extremely well for me is news.

It depends on the niche, but if you’re getting traffic from Facebook or email, you will probably find that people love news more than anything else.

(Some bloggers also get a ton of traffic from Google News and Google Discover, although that’s been very unreliable for me so I just see any of that as a bonus.)

When I post news articles on social media or share them by email, they get SO many more clicks than when I share regular articles.

And that makes sense, because with news, people get FOMO.

There’s a feeling of, “If I don’t click this right now, I will never know why thousands of Brits are fuming at these new travel regulations”.

I’ve been writing news posts for well over a year.

But there were always two big hurdles:

  1. Finding things to write about
  2. Actually writing the articles

Because both of these tasks were so time-intensive, it was tricky to make news profitable.

Enter Ghost Craft. What a game-changer!

With this new tool, I just enter my website URL and it automatically suggests breaking news articles that I can cover.

Then, with a single click, it writes a draft of the article.

All that’s left to do is edit and upload.


With this tool, the whole process takes 10 minutes per article.

Work smarter, not harder, folks!

If you wanted to be super-efficient you could skip the editing and then use some other tools to auto post to social media and auto send to your email list.

But for me, I only produce articles of the highest possible quality, so I give them some light editing and manually schedule them to go out with ConvertKit for email and Strevio for Facebook.

Ghost Craft is so easy to use.

All I had to do was spend 5 minutes making a training video with Loom.

Now, my writers can take care of the whole process.

With just 15 minutes per day of their time, I can have fresh news content on my site every day, and have that shared to Facebook and email where it brings in thousands of clicks.

When you do the maths on that, you don’t need a very big Facebook page or email list to make that work.

Work out your own figures of course, but 5k followers or subscribers is probably enough to make it profitable from day one, factoring in the cost of Ghost Craft.

I can see that some websites post news 10x per day or more.

They cover absolutely everything relevant to their niche.

My next task is to find the sweet spot of how much news to cover for the best return.

But for now, one article per day is working great for me.

If you think that publishing news and sharing it via social media and email could be a good way for you to pivot your business away from Google,

Then grab a free trial of Ghost Craft here

And if you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.