#105 | My new project – URL reveal!

I just got back from Amsterdam.

While I’ve been getting high on the culture (and trying not to get run over by bicycles)… my new website has been being built.

And I must admit, I’m loving the hands-off approach!

Handing everything over to a trusted content agency means that I can go and enjoy myself, while I wait for it to be ready.

And it’s almost ready…

I’m about to hit publish on veganwins.co.uk.

This site will make money without Google…

The articles are not written with search keywords.

They’re written to attract clicks from social media.

The titles are things like:

  • The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Switching To Veganism
  • Why Vegans Should Stop Eating Rice And Start Eating Quinoa
  • How to Avoid Feeling Isolated as the Only Vegan in Your Circle

People probably aren’t searching for these, but if they stumble across them on Facebook, the headlines pique interest enough to get the click.

The content is being written and uploaded for me, complete with lots of eye-catching images.

(And no, you don’t need unique photos for Facebook like you do for Google!)

Here’s the Facebook page…

Growing the Facebook page is super easy.

You can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/veganwins

So far I’ve spent $69 and it has 1,143 followers.

That’s pretty typical.

Want to see the ads?


On any Facebook page, you can click on ‘About’, then ‘Page Transparency’ to see if it’s running ads.

If it is, you can click ‘See All’ to go to the Ad Library and see them all.

This format works really well for ‘Page Like’ ads.

For now, I’ve just been posting memes and status posts on the Facebook page, but soon I’ll post links to the new articles.

The new content is evergreen so I can repost each article every month (nobody notices when I do that).

When I have enough followers, I’ll also start posting news articles.

How I’ll make money

When people land on the website from Facebook, sure, I can monetise that traffic with ads, but that’s not my main aim here.

The ad revenue is just a bonus really.

My main aim is to use lead magnets to get the website visitors onto the email list.

For example, I’ll have a pop-up that offers a free pdf cheat sheet in exchange for an email address.

Once people are on the email list, I can sell them all kinds of products, either as an affiliate or my own digital and physical products.

And, I can also send them back to the website to read more articles.

The ROI is fast

My total investment in this project will be less than $2,000.

With an SEO-based niche site, I would have to wait 6-9 months to make any money at all.

With this social-first approach, I will start earning as soon as the site goes live!

So my investment isn’t locked away for a year while we wait for the painfully-slow and unreliable process of SEO.

I’ll get it back in just a few months.

And from there, the sky’s the limit.

Brands will pay top dollar to get their products in front of my highly engaged audience of vegans in the UK.

Why I chose this niche

I chose the UK vegan niche because it’s something I have personal experience with – I’ve been vegan for about 5 years and I live in the UK.

That means I can tell straight away whether the content is good or not.

And the content that Web Asset Builders is creating is excellent!

I know what kinds of articles the audience will find interesting because I understand their pain points.

If I tried to start a site about bass fishing in US lakes, for example, I would find it incredibly difficult (and boring).

I do still think it’s wise to choose a niche that you at least have an interest in, even with a hands-off approach like mine.

You don’t need to run marathons to have a niche site about running, but being able to run 5K will help!

If you’d like a done-for-you social-first niche site building, I highly recommend the service I’m using.

Or, if you already have a site and want some social engagement-optimised content, you can order that here.

Whichever you choose, you can use code NSL to get 20% OFF when you order by Friday.

Next steps

I’m excited to be able to share my journey with you properly, and not have to hide the URL.

With a new SEO niche site, someone could scrape the content, paste it on a high-DR domain and steal all my traffic.

With social, I can be much more open with you about what I’m doing.

And I love that!

Fellow vegans – if you’d like to start a vegan site too, that’s great! Let me know and we can promote each other.

I just politely request that you don’t copy and paste anything.

Collaboration > competition.

I’ll update you soon when veganwins.co.uk is live and, of course, I’ll be sharing how much it makes in my monthly income reports.

But until then, please do check out Web Asset Builders for your social content needs.


P.S. Everything else I use is listed on my resources page for you too.

P.P.S. All my previous NSL emails are available for free in the archive too, in case you missed any of those.