#17 | I’m a hot mess. 😳

I read an email from Jon Dykstra this morning.

He said:

“I’m an absolute disorganized mess. I don’t follow strict budgets. I don’t have publishing schedules. I don’t have new site launch schedules. I plan nothing. I fly by the seat of my pants.”

And I thought…

Amen to that!

Jon makes $100K+ per month, while being disorganised.

There’s hope for us all!

I’m about a third of the way to catching him up

And I’m still disorganised AF!

I’m getting better,

I do at least have separate business and personal bank accounts now!

But I still have a long way to go.

So are we successful because of our lack of organisation or despite it?

Well, as Jon said, it can be a blessing as well as a curse.

Sure, we can pivot faster,

And jump to work on the highest ROI tasks.

Plus, my husband doesn’t let me load the dishwasher because I’ll just throw everything in,

So that’s worked out well for me. 😆

But, even as an inherently disorganised person,

I know that there are some key areas where it definitely pays to have a SYSTEM and a PROCESS.

Especially if you hire freelancers.

I recently started using a set of templates called ContentSiteOS that Joe Davies made.

(He’s the guy who also made QueryHunter.io, an amazing free keyword research tool.)


Before I started using Joe’s templates I was:

  • Digging around in my files multiple times per day
  • Tweaking briefs for every outline
  • Logging site changes in my brain, not a spreadsheet
  • Just guessing which articles needed updating next
  • Having no idea which categories to work on

But since I started using his documents, spreadsheets, and templates,

I’m saving hours each day

And making better business decisions!

Joe’s system. ContentSiteOS includes:

  • A Writer MasterTemplate™ that covers each post type
  • A Disposable Writer Template for one-off posts
  • Publisher Guidelines & Checklists for you or your VA
  • A Content Database to track everything

And the best bit?

The whole system costs just $20!

I’m not sure why it’s priced so low, to be honest.

It’s worth much more than that in my opinion.

But hey, I’m not complaining!

I’d suggest that you get it now before he changes his mind.

Until next time



You may know that I recently sold a website for $180K with the help of Empire Flippers.

The site was 2 years old.

At 1 year old, it had made less than $200 so far.

I had NO IDEA it would be worth so much.

I just winged it.

But what I should have done (in hindsight)

Is made a plan

I could have worked out how much content I needed to create to reach a six-figure valuation.

This is actually easy to do…

Empire Flippers has a free valuation tool.

Pop your stats in to find out how much your site is worth right now,

AND how much work you need to do to for that massive exit!