#63 | July Income Report πŸ’€

I just had wild month for income from my blogs.

I also had some pretty big changes in my life.

So, read on to see how much I made,

How I did it,

And why I’m no longer doing the race to $100K/month…

In July, my sites generated $74,933.

I’m running at 95% profit, so the profit on that was $70,305.

This is another record month for me.

I feel truly blessed that my business generates such an incredible income, yet still allows me to take time off when I need to.

In July, I moved to the south of England to live by the sea.

The beach is 200 metres away and the sunsets from my balcony are unreal.

I though that $100K/month was the goal.

But moving here has changed my perspective.

My real goal is to spend time in nature every day, eat dinner with the kids every night, and live a lower-stress life.

Numbers on a screen are just that – numbers on a screen.

My refreshed perspective isn’t the only reason I quit the race to $100K…

I did a poll on Twitter and a lot of people commented to say that they would prefer something more relevant for newer publishers, like a race to $100.

Both Jon Dykstra and Nina Clapperton have already won the race.

I wanted to show what’s possible and these guys have demonstrated a couple of different ways you can do it.

Hats off to them.

I believe @Jamie_IF and @IncomeRookies are starting a race to $100 soon.

And there’s even talk of a prize!

So be sure to follow them both on Twitter and keep your eyes peeled for details.

Now, here’s my full income report…

Site 1: Travel

  • Revenue – $70,305 (up 6%)
  • Page views – 1,399,581 (up 9%)
  • Site age – 4 years
  • Articles – 681 (up 46)
  • Page views per article – 2,055
  • Revenue per article – $103
  • RPM – $50
  • Monetisation – 81% ads, 17% affiliate, 1% digital products

My travel site generates over 90% of my income, and it’s where I place over 90% of my efforts.
I do believe that the single-site model is the best for most people.

I do like to have some smaller sites though for testing purposes and as a back-up incase something happens that means that we can’t travel again!

I am adding more channels to this site, though.

I just launched a digital travel planner that brought in $900.

And YouTube made me $160 – (the main benefit from this right now is access to press trips rather than ad income!)

Site 2: Gaming

  • Revenue – $2,177 (up 31%)
  • Page views – 176,440 (up 40%)
  • Site age – 2.5 years
  • Articles – 169 (up 1)
  • Page views per article – 1,044
  • Revenue per article – $13
  • RPM – $12
  • Monetisation – 97% ads, 3% affiliate

This site saw a 40% increase in traffic despite me doing pretty much no work on it.
As you’ll know, Google is pretty volatile right now.

The site is still down year-on-year, but I’m happy with the passive income it’s generating for me.

The RPMs are very low in the gaming niche, so I don’t plan to add much more content here.

Site 3: Environment

  • Revenue – $1,391 (up 61%)
  • Page views – 54,229 (up 53%)
  • Site age – 1.5 years
  • Articles – 102 (up 1)
  • Page views per article – 532
  • Revenue per article – $14
  • RPM – $26
  • Monetisation – 87% ads, 13% affiliate

This site also saw a 53% increase in traffic for no apparent reason.

Nice one, Google!

I was planning to sell it, but this has reminded me that there’s no point in selling until you have a plan for the money.

Leaving my cash locked in this site is probably a better place for it than anywhere else right now.

I might sell it when I buy a house next year.

Site 4: Leisure

  • Revenue – $1,060 (down -4%)
  • Page views – 30,237 (down -9%)
  • Site age – 2 years
  • Articles – 95 (up 10)
  • Page views per article – 318
  • Revenue per article – $11
  • RPM – $35
  • Monetisation – 68% ads, 32% affiliate

I added 10 articles to this site last month.

I’m testing a done-for-you service where they do everything from keyword research right through to publishing it on your site.

It was pretty much no work on my end.

I tried their AI and their human content, and I was really impressed with both.

I need to wait a little longer to see which ranks better, but the traffic is already coming in nicely.

(If you want to test this service, you can get 10% OFF if you use code NICHESITELADY here)

Site 5: AI-Generated Test Site

  • Revenue – $0
  • Page views – 1,469 (+225%)
  • Site age – 3 months
  • Articles – 54 (up 4)
  • Page views per article – 27

This is the project that I worked on only while watching Married At First Site.

I haven’t watched any TV for about 3 weeks now so it’s been on hold.

But this morning, a ridiculous 75-incher was delivered to my house, so I may pick this back up again!

I am also planning to launch a new site next month.

I know, I know.

But for this one, I have a plan that means it won’t be very much work for me personally.

The agency in the ad will be building the whole thing and then a niche expert will be running it.

Watch this space.

Until next time,


P.S. I’m about to go travelling with the kids for the rest of August, so I probably won’t be replying to emails and I won’t be on Twitter much.

But, I have my next emails scheduled for Tuesdays and I’m making sure they’re loaded with actionable tips for you.

Look out for them.