#30 | $200k/month & working 4 hours per day


Christmas is almost here,

And if you take time off during the festive season, how will you be spending it?

Enjoying a meal with family?

Watching Christmas movies?

Eating your own body weight in chocolate?

If you happen to find yourself with a bit more spare time than usual…

Then check out these videos that I’ve benefitted a lot from from lately.

  • Jon Dykstra’s free course – Jon shares the exact formula he uses to make $80k+ per month from his niche websites.

  • How Matt Giovanisci orders his files – My filing sytem is non-existent, so Matt sent me this video and now I’m determined to get organised in 2023.

  • Miles Beckler’s free course – I first watched this 18 months ago and have rewatched it recently. It shows you how to figure out exactly what to work on each day to smash your 5-year goals.

Of course, the holidays are the perfect time to chill out.

But, if you do find yourself with a couple of hours to fill,

I really don’t think you’ll regret watching these.

I’m not exaggerating when I say,

This could be the first step to changing your life in 2023.

The first time I watched Miles’ video I set a goal to be making $25k/month in 5 years time.

I hit that a year later!

My next 5-year goal is $200k/month while working only 4 hours per day.

It sounds crazy, but it’s acheivable.

I know what I need to skill-up on.

I know what to work on for the next 18 months,

The next 90 days

And the next week.

And I’m on it!

Now, let’s change our lives!


P.S. Have a great Christmas, if you’re celebrating.