#50 | You CAN get rich watching TV. Here’s how I’m doing it.

I stopped watching TV a couple of years ago.

Instead, I spent every evening creating content, or learning skills to grow my business.

But last week, I started watching the worst kind of trash TV every night.

And that was a fantastic decision.

Here’s why…

The TV show I’ve been watching every night is called Married At First Sight Australia.

It’s a reality TV series where strangers meet for the first time at the altar to get married.

Throughout the season, the couples move in together, build trust and have weekly ‘commitment ceremonies’.

It’s awful.

But there’s always drama, and that;’s what makes it good.

However, to get to the 5 minutes of excitement when it all kicks off,

You have to endure about an hour of drivel.

I like the drama.

But it’s WAY too boring to just sit and watch.

Hate reality TV?

Consider these other TV shows you might like if only they weren’t so drawn out and boring…

  • Sports like golf or snooker
  • Home shopping channels
  • Cooking shows
  • Game shows
  • Animal documentaries
  • Vlogs

An episode of Deal Or No Deal is 60 minutes long.

15 minutes of that is commercials.

And only 5 minutes is actually opening boxes.

These shows all follow the same format of taking something that could be short and stretching it out to a full hour so they can sell commercials.

So why did I start watching a series of 35 episodes of Married At First Site?

Well, I started a new niche site last month.

The content is written with AI.

Generating and editing AI content is also a little too boring to just sit and do.

But when you pair AI writing and trash TV – it’s a perfect combination!

Every evening, I’ve been watching one hour of MAFS.

And in that time I’ve also published a 1000-word article using AI.

Neither requires much brainpower, and doing them together is actually very enjoyable.

By the end of the month, I’ll have completed the season, and have 35 blog posts published too.

There are 10 seasons of MAFS Australia, 16 seasons of MAFS USA, 7 seasons of MAFS UK and at least 25 more with other countries, so this could keep me going for a while!

Here’s what kind of content I’m working on…

The articles I’m writing are all about The Best Things in Place.

The Best Waterparks in Florida would be an example.

So all I have to do is:

  • Make a list of waterparks
  • Visit each waterpark website, highlight and copy the content
  • Paste the content into ChatGPT
  • Ask it to summarise it into a summary of the waterpark
  • Repeat for every waterpark in the area.
  • Ask ChatGPT to write the intro, conclusion and meta description
  • Upload

Yes, I know, I could get a VA to do it.

And maybe I will.

But for now, I’m enjoying it.

And I’m also learning how to tweak prompts to get better results,

Which is something I can share with my VAs later.

For this task, I’m using ChatGPT with GPT4.

I think the $20 a month is worth it for how much better it is than the free Chat GPT3.5.

I’m also still using Koala Writer for informational posts

Like ‘How safe are waterslides?’

Or ‘What to wear on your feet in a waterpark’.

Koala is perfect for this taks because it makes an outline that you can tweak before it starts.

Then it includes links to its sources to make fact-checking a breeze.

I didn’t think I had time to start a new site.

But when you make ‘chilling out and working at the same time‘ part of your day,

You can achieve much more than you think!


P.S. I’ve started a friendly competition called the ‘Race To $100K Per Month‘.

Each month, I’ll be publishing a leaderboard of how much money people made from niche sites last month.

The aim isn’t to show off,

But to inspire people to push themselves to achieve big things.

You can also follow the participants on Twitter where many people are kindly sharing what’s working for them.

So far over 60 people have signed up, with incomes ranging from zero to over $50k/month.

If you’d like to get involved, all you have to do is fill in this form.

I’ll share the leaderboard with you soon!