#78 | I’m sick of it too.

I’ve always hated Black Friday.

I don’t know what’s worse…

The way it originally was, when it was one day only and people were fighting in the aisles…

Or this monstrosity we have now where every brand feels the need to bombard their customers online for a month to hit their inflated sales targets.

I’ve seen brands calling their sales ‘Black November’ or ‘Black Frimonth’

And it makes me want to vom.

Greedy bastards.

The ONLY good thing about Black Friday is when you can buy the things that you actually need with an actual discount.


Those “fake inflated and then reduced” prices drive me mad.

So with that in mind, here are the real deals that I’m actually taking advantage of myself this year…

There’s no huge spreadsheet of deals from me, just my personal TOP 5…

  1. Koala Writer – Upto 45% OFF

I had a monthly subscription to this AI writer, but I didn’t like that the credits expired each month. These new credit packs last a whole year, so I can work to my own schedule, rather than scrabbling to use them up before they expire. Much better!

  1. Web Asset Builders – Extra 20% OFF

These guys are building a whole niche site for me, from start to finish. The value for money is incredible and I love how hands-off the service is. Use discount code NSL.

  1. KeySearch – 40% OFF

Since I heard Mike from NicheTwins raving about this keyword research tool I decided to give it a go. I’ve since cancelled my subscription to ahrefs because this tool is a tiny fraction of the price and does exactly what I need. Absolute bargain.

  1. Query Hunter – 25% OFF

Essential for updating content, this Chrome Extension uses your GSC data to show you keywords you can add to your content to rise up the SERPs. Use code BLACKFRIDAY.

  1. WP Rocket – 30% OFF

This speed plugin makes my sites nice and fast without me having to learn all the technical stuff. I just turn it on and it does its thing. I renew this every year with the BF discount.

And one more thing…

I’m also giving 50% OFF lifetime access to the NSL Newsletter Archive. Just enter code BLACKFRIDAY here to read all my past emails (ad free).


P.S. Since last week’s ‘week in the life’ email where I showed you what my typical week looks like, I had a few people ask me what it looked like in the beginning.

So next week, I’ll answer that. Because honestly, it wasn’t pretty.

See you then!