#87 | How to go viral on Facebook (easy method)


The main source of traffic to my websites is Google.

But, now that my main site is getting 200k+ monthly visits from Facebook,

I feel like I should share more about what’s working for me there.

Because if you’re sick of Google’s bull shizzle, then this could be a really handy traffic source to have, right?

Over the last 3 months, my Facebook page has grown from around 13,000 followers to 32,000 followers.

Where did those extra 19,000 followers come from?

Well, I bought 9,000 of them with paid ads…

Sure, it’s not the lowest Cost Per Like at 10 cents each, but it’s not bad.

(In some niches, you could pay less than half of that if you’re smart.)

And for the other 10,000 followers?

They all came naturally.

And today, I’m going to show you how I did that,

So that you can grow your Facebook page without spending a penny.

There are two main kinds of things I post to Facebook:

Links to my website (to send traffic that I monetise primarily with display ads)
Images (to generate engagement and page likes)

Let’s talk about engagement…

When I’ve posted images to Facebook, I’ve enjoyed results like this…

And this…

BUT, when people like or comment on your viral post, hardly any of them will like your page.

However, what you can then do, is invite them to like your page.

This will ping them a Facebook notification, so all they have to do is click Accept.

You can invite people in bulk (up to 1,000 per day) from the homepage of Meta Business Suite.

Be careful though!

As I mentioned in my email last week (linked here for people with access to the archive),

If your post goes viral to an audience that’s not actually interested in your content, it could really damage your reach in future.

So consider limiting the countries that can view your page

(From your Facebook page, click Settings & Privacy > Settings > Privacy > Public Posts > Restrictions)

What does a viral post look like?

The first time I ever went viral on Facebook was in 2013 when I made a Facebook page called ‘Men In Their Undies’.

I was an SEO and social media manager for a travel company at the time, so I knew how Facebook worked.

One evening, just for fun, I set up a page that posted pictures of dudes in their tightey whiteys.

The viral reach was massive.

Of course, it didn’t take long before one too many people got offended, hit the Report button and Facebook shut down the page.

And it also shut down my personal account for 30 days, something that wasn’t great in a time when most of my social life was organised via Facebook!

I learned that Facebook is really strict on keeping things family-friendly.

Not much has changed at all in the past 10 years when it comes to going viral on Facebook.

All you need is a great image, that catches the attention, and makes people want to like and comment on.

The one key difference is that we now have a secret weapon – AI!

I say secret, because the average person on Facebook has no idea just how easy it is to create extremely realistic looking images with AI.

You can do it in seconds with Chat GPT.

According to the comments on my AI image posts, most people either think it’s real, or that it took someone all day to make in Photoshop.

Facebookers LOVE to correct other people when they’re wrong.

So when someone says ‘Wow, that’s amazing’.

Someone else will say ‘It’s just AI’.

Engagement city.

AI images do extremely well on Facebook, and the more realistic the better.

Looking so real that you have to stare for 5 seconds to figure out if it’s real or fake is key.

How to know what to post

The easiest way to go viral on Facebook is to find an image that’s already going viral and remake it.

I recommend that your Facebook page likes all the other pages in your niche.

Then, when you’re on the bog/lav/crapper or whatever the polite word for a WC is your part of the world, you can scroll through Facebook and screenshot anything that’s going viral.

Save these, and then when you’re at your computer, fire up ChatGPT or your AI image creator of choice and ask it to make something similar.

Then post it, knowing that if it works for them, it will work for you.

If you’re a fast pooper or would rather not spend your alone time doom-scrolling on FB (I can’t blame you) then here’s a shortcut…

  1. Sign up to Strevio
  2. Spy on all your competitors
  3. Look for spikes in engagement to see when they have gone viral
  1. Recreate their viral posts

With this method you can spend just an hour per month finding viral images in your niche, recreating them with AI and scheduling them to go out on your Facebook page.

Easy peasy.

Is Facebook part of your strategy in 2024?

I learned how to get traffic from Facebook by doing it for over a decade, and a whole lot of trial and error.

I wouldn’t recommend that, haha.

Of course, there’s a faster way.

I recently took this Facebook course which is brilliant.

It tells you everything you need to drive a ton of Facebook traffic to your website.

Whether you don’t have a Facebook page yet, or you’re already driving a few thousand vistors and want to 10X it quickly, this course is ideal.

Check it out now, and grab the introductory price before it goes up next week.



P.S. If Facebook isn’t your thing, don’t unsub yet.

Next week, I’ll give you a look at how my newest site is doing, and what I did to make it grow faster than any of my others.

P.P.S. One more thing – sorry, this one could be a life changer.

I just spent $200 on this and I’m SO excited about it.