#90 | No frozen pizzas. 🍕

I used to have a friend who had a freezer full of coke.

The white stuff.

And I mean FULL. Bricks of it.

He used to look after it for a dealer who would pay him £100 per week to keep it safe.

£100 per week is a lot of money when you have minus amounts in the bank.

He had a job in a shop, as did I.

(I worked part-time, I was also a student).

I remember thinking – “I have to work 22 hours per week to make £100. All he has to do is buy fresh pizzas instead of frozen.”

“He’s lucky.”

Because back then, those were the options.

Work at a job, or do dodgy shit.

Most people I knew did both.

The internet was barely a thing.

It wasn’t in my house or on my phone – the only way I could access it was at the library.

Even then, I’m pretty sure there was no information online about how you could make extra money without risking jail.

So I carried on stacking the shelves in the shop.

And stayed out of trouble.

How lucky we are today!

It’s all on a plate for us.

Making an extra $500 per month is easier than ever.

All you need is access to a computer, the internet, and a few dollars for a domain name and hosting.

You don’t need fancy tools.

I would suggest though,

If you invest in just one tool, make it a good keyword research tool.

Because if you spend your time writing about keywords that

a) aren’t searched for enough, or,

b) are too hard to rank for,

Then you’ll REALLY slow down your progress.

Do it right, and you can get a new site to earning $500/month in six months.

But if you go after the wrong keywords, it will take years.

That’s why I won’t shut up talking about KeySearch.

It’s a keyword research tool that’s simple to use and ridiculously cheap.

(Get 30% OFF with code NICHESITELADY)

I wasted thousands of dollars on fancy keyword research tools like ahrefs.

Only recently I realised that I was using a Swiss army knife to file my nails.

I didn’t need it.

I switched to KeySearch a few months ago and I haven’t looked back.

Whether you’re yet to invest in a paid tool,

Or, have been overpaying for one with more features than you use,

KeySearch is for you.

And you’ll still have room for all the frozen pizzas you want.

Until next time,


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