#1 | The top 5 things I learnt from Affiliate Gathering

Hey friends!

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So, here goes…

Last week I attended the Affiliate Gathering – the UK’s largest gathering of niche website entrepreneurs…

Here are 5 things I learned from it:

1. Meeting like-minded people is SO valuable!

In fact, I learned more from chatting to people in pubs the night before than I did from the conference itself.

I’ve now made some great friends who I’ll certainly be keeping in touch with

So that we can share tips and help each other.


2. I need to get a VA

So many people told me that once you have more than a couple of writers,

It’s really valuable to get a virtual assistant.

So that’s something I need to do next.

If anyone has a great VA who would like some more work,

Please send them my way!

3. Bing Analytics is worth installing

Google Search Console and Google Analytics are my go-tos.

But, I’ve heard that Bing Analytics has some really cool features

Like heat maps!

So you can see how far people are scrolling

And where they’re clicking.

It’s on my list to try that.

4. People are loving LowFruits

LowFruits is a keyword research tool that helps you to find keywords that are easy to rank for.

I tried it briefly yesterday and I didn’t like it 🙁

But, I’m not giving up that easily!

I’ll be testing it more over the next few weeks

And I’ll let you know how I get on.

5. Add the word ‘Reddit’ when doing keword research

If people are adding ‘Reddit’ to the end of their search queries…

Such as ‘Honda Civic triangle warning light reddit’

The it means they can’t find

(Or don’t trust)

The info on the Search Engine Results Page!

So, if you put ‘Honda Civic reddit’ into your KW research tool

You should find a handy lists of keywords to go for.

Although you won’t include the word ‘Reddit’ in your article

You can use Reddit to find the info for your post.


I hope you get some value from these tips.

And definitely consider going to Affiliate Gathering next year.

People attended from all over the world!

– Niche Site Lady