#14 | I should have done this differently…

The biggest thing I’ve learned in my journey from $0 to $30k per month…

Is how important it is to be organized.

To have systems and processes in place.

Yes, I’ve managed to wing it and be successful,

But it’s not been easy

And I’ve definitely not been efficient.

My learning method was to watch 1,000 hours of free YouTube videos.

That worked for me because I already had 10+ years of experience in employment as an SEO manager,

So I could work out who to trust (and who not to!)

But if you don’t have all that time,

Then it’s probably not the best way for you.

If I could go back in time and start again,

The big thing I would do differently

Would be to follow a clear plan.

Rather than wing it and hope.

But, you don’t know what you don’t know, right?

How can you possibly make a plan

When you don’t know what goes in to the plan?

I hear you.

And I’ve found the solution…

For the past couple of weeks,

I’ve been following The Authority Site System.

This course contains the exact 200 steps that you need to build and monetise a successful niche website.

There are spreadsheets and checklists that break down everything in the most sensible and simple fashion.

With this plan,

Instead of tackling tasks all over the place

And hoping you’re doing it right,

You can tick each thing off in the correct order.

Choosing a niche?

There are 29 lessons to help you research, shortlist and choose a niche that you are sure will be profitable.

(Because nobody wants to spend a year working on a site only to find it’s a dud.)

Building your site?

There are 47 lessons to help you plan, set up, and brand your website.

(Because simple SEO mistakes could block you from ever succeeding.)

Writing content?

There are 40 lessons and templates to help you prepare, write and optimise your articles.

(The first 50 articles you write don’t have to be awful, if you do it right from day one.)

Then, as you get more advanced, there are many more lessons on link building, affiliate monetisation, and outsourcing.

I love that this course has videos as well as written lesson summaries,

So you can either watch the detailed version or skim-read topics that you already know about.

The ordered to-do list keeps you accountable, so you won’t get distracted by shiny objects and will stay on track.

All this is great timing because there’s currently a big sale on with 40% OFF The Authority Site System.

If you aren’t making money with every piece of content that you publish,

Then now’s the time to get serious and follow a proven plan.

Thousands of people have already had huge successes with The Authority Site System.

You can read some of their experiences here.

It’s time to take action!