#15 | How much 💰 I made last month (Full Breakdown)


I find reading people’s income reports fascinating.

And not just because I’m nosy…

When I first started blogging, it showed me what was possible.

It really spurred me on to work harder.

So, for anyone reading this who’s a few steps behind me on your journey,

I hope that my income report does something similar for you.

Here’s a breakdown of my earnings for August…


  • Site 1: $29,521*
  • Site 2: Sale is in process for 6 figures
  • Site 3: $3,345
  • Site 4: $56
  • Site 5: $113
  • Total: $33,035

Read on for a more detailed breakdown including my expenses, the number of articles and page views for each site…

*Please note that the final figure for site 1 will be a few hundred $ higher due to a delay in data reporting.

Before we get onto the breakdown, it’s important to talk about expenses!

I like to keep my profit margin at around 90%.

But, there are some key things that I pay for.

My total expenses for August were:

Total expenses: $3,907

That gives me a total profit (before tax) for August of $29,128.

Now you’re probably wondering what efforts it took to build these websites.

Because obviously, this didn’t happen overnight.

So, here’s a site-by-site breakdown for you…

Site 1 – Travel Niche

  • Income: $29,521
  • Age: 3 years
  • Articles: 319 (33 new added)
  • Pageviews: 897,924
  • Monetisation: 89% ads with Adthrive + 11% affiliate

Site 2 – Lifestyle Niche

This site is has been sold for six figures and is being transferred to the new owner.

It was 85% affiliate, but I decided I prefer to focus on generating income from ads.

I’ll give you more details in next week’s email – look out for it!

Site 3 – Gaming Niche

  • Income: $3,345
  • Age: 19 months
  • Articles: 126 (6 new added)
  • Pageviews: 268,152
  • Monetisation: 98% ads + 2% affiliate
  • I just moved this site from Adthrive to Ezoic as a test! Was that a bad idea? I’ll update you on this in future emails.

Site 4 – Tech Niche

  • Income: $56
  • Age: 7 months
  • Articles: 74 (19 new added)
  • Pageviews: 12,258
  • Monetisation: 100% Amazon affiliate
  • Once this site gets some more traffic I will monetise it with ads and diversify the affiliate networks.

Site 5 – Hobby Niche

  • Income: $113
  • Age: 15 months
  • Articles: 63 (33 deleted!)
  • Pageviews: 14,253
  • Monetisation: 100% Amazon affiliate
  • I bought this site in June. The content wasn’t great and I have deleted around 40% of it. I’m working on improving the rest.

Once this site gets some more traffic I will monetise it with ads and diversify the affiliate networks.

My focus for September?

I’m working on my email list for my travel blog, I want to do a better job of monetising that with affiliate links.

I’m also publishing as many articles as I can on that site as the ROI is very good.

I want to get every article edited on site 5 so that I can let it sit for a while and see what happens.

And I’ll be keeping a close eye on my Ezoic experiment on site 3 to see what happens!

If all goes well, I might add Ezoic to sites 4 and 5 rather than waiting until they meet the required level for Adthrive. We’ll see!

Speak soon!