#20 | NICHE SITE INCOME REPORT: ($200k+ and 98% profit) 🙈


I had a very weird realisation yesterday.

I was watching a finance channel on YouTube

And I thought,

You know what…

When my mortgage deal ends…

I’m just going to pay it off.

It doesn’t matter what the interest rate will be on a new deal.

I’ve had over $200K hit my bank account in the last month.

I’ll just use that.

I thought that being mortgage-free would be something that happened in my 60s.

Not three years after I started a BLOG!

My mind is blown!

But, here we are.

Now, here’s a breakdown of how I earned my money,

So you can see exactly what it took to reach that figure.

And what can happen if you keep learning and keep publishing…

Firstly, let’s talk about profit margins.

Anyone can make $200k income with $250k costs, right?

This is something that most people skip over,

But let me just say that my profit margin was 98%.

This business is lean AF.

Next, I just want to confirm that this does not include any money I make from my NSL brand from things like the email sponsor above.

Okay, now let’s get into the nitty gritty…

My main income last month was from the sale of one of my websites.

I’ve talked about this a lot before so I wont go over it again,

But around $150k hit my bank account from that sale in September.

That was very much a one-off, and I don’t plan to sell anything else for at least a year.

So, let’s look at each of my current sites and how they performed last month…

1. Travel site

This one made $31,500.

87% of that was from Adthrive and the rest was from various affiliate programs.

The site has 350 articles on it and had 833k pageviews.

Travel is seasonal, so the traffic has started to decline, but I’m still pumping out as many articles as possible as they pay for themselves pretty quickly.

I’m also getting quite a few offers of free travel now (mostly due to my Instagram account I think). I don’t count this as income.

I’m meant to be on a $10k trip in Germany right now but (URGH!) I’m sick so instead I’m at home under a blanket.

2. Gaming site

This one made $12,000.

99% of that was from Ezoic. The site has been with Ezoic for 6 weeks now after I switched it from Adthrive as a test. I know some of you are keen to know how that’s going, so I’ll have an update on that next week for you.

The site has only 155 articles on it and had 634k pageviews.

That’s 4,000 pageviews per article, which is crazy. But, this niche is very volatile when new games come out, so it’s not always that high!

3. Environment site

This one made $135.

I added Ezoic halfway through the month and it’s making about $6 per day. The rest is from Amazon.

The site has 84 articles on it and had 15k pageviews.

The site is 10 months old and demonstrates how I would expect a typical side-hustle site to perform if you create 2 articles per week.

This time next year, it should be on $1k per month. The year after, $5k per month.

4. Leisure site

This one made $171.

I also added Ezoic to this site mid-way through the month and it’s making about $3 per day. Most of the income is from Amazon.

The site has 63 articles and had 10k pageviews.

I bought this site in June and the content was not good. I deleted 40% of the content and am heavily editing the rest.

The traffic dropped 50% month on month. It is very seasonal though so that doesn’t bother me and I don’t expect this site to do much until spring when it should turn from an ugly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

So there you have my income for September.

Here’s a list of my expenses…

I’m also a big fan of free tools and use a lot of different ones. You can see a full list of everything I use on my resources page.

Until next time!

– Niche Site Lady