#26 | These 3 are for you…


Now’s the time when the Black Friday deals are being released

And, of course, there are some bargains to be had.


A word of warning…

(You know this already I’m sure)

A deal is only a good deal if it’s something you would buy anyway.



Here are the 3 things that I use myself that will ACTUALLY help your website to grow…

1. Fat Stacks Niche Site Profits Course

I’ve taken this course by niche site legend Jon Dykstra and I learned a lot.

If you’re past the beginner stage and want next-level advice to reach $10k/month as fast as possible,

This is for you.

There’s no discount on the course, there never is.

However, Jon has teamed up with 4 popular content writing agencies to offer these freebies:

  • $200 worth of content from Nichesites.com
  • $200 worth of content from WriterAccess
  • 2,000 words from ContentPit (first 100 only)
  • 2,000 words from Content Refined (first 50 only)

The value of having all this content written for your site by top-quality professional writers makes the course basically free!

Plus, it’s a great way to try out different writing services to see which you like best.

Win win!

Jon’s Fat Stacks course opens at 9 am Pacific Time today.

(2 hours after this email went out)

So, if you want to grab the maximum bonuses,

Bookmark the page,

Set your alarm,

And go get it!

Or if you’re reading this later, be quick!

2. GeneratePress

I love this WordPress theme so much that I just bought the lifetime license yesterday.

I’ve used it for 2 years already.

This is the theme of choice for lots of the people I look up to on Twitter

Like @nichedown, @thewebsiteflip, @jamie_IF, @jaredbauman, @saintvienna, @fatjoedavies and @nichejason to name a few!

You can get 25% OFF an annual or lifetime licence when you buy GeneratePress now.

3. WP Rocket

I just renewed my license for the speed-boosting plugin WP Rocket and got 30% OFF!

My renewal wasn’t due until May, but I still managed to add another 12 months on the end at the discounted rate. Woohoo!

I also just bought another 3-site license for my new sites.

That’s how I get speeds like these, even with ads.

So whether you already use it or not,

You can get 30% OFF WP Rocket now and speed up your site in minutes.

That’s your lot!

While there are lots more things that I could add here,

I don’t want to spam you with all kinds of crap you might not need.

That wouldn’t be helpful.

These are the 3 things that have brought the most value to my business so far.

And now’s the absolute best time to invest to skyrocket your business in 2023.