#4 | How I do keyword research (step by step)


I get a lot of questions asking ‘How do you do your keyword research?’

The truth is, I use a lot of different methods.

I’ll admit that I’m not the most organised person

(I’m working on it!)

So whenever I feel like doing keyword research

I’ll pick one of my favourite methods

And spend an hour or so adding keywords to my list of posts to write.

Here’s one of my favourite methods…

Note: I use ahrefs for this, which is quite a pricey tool. If you don’t have any budget for tools, you can do something very similar with a free 7-day trial of SEM Rush.

Now then, here’s what I do…

In ahrefs, I type Quora.com and hit enter.

I want to find all of the keywords that Quora ranks for.

(Google hates showing forums in search results and will only do so if there’s no blog post that answers the query well.)

So, if Quora is ranking in the top 3, we know we can too with a half-decent article.

If I just click on ‘Top Pages‘ on the left ahrefs always crashes on me.

That might be because my laptop is shit, I don’t know.

But, I found a workaround.

Instead, I click on ‘Organic search‘ in the middle section,

Then scroll down right down to the bottom where it says Top 5 pages,

And click on ‘View full report‘.

That seems the fix the huge site/shit laptop problem.

Now, I have a list of all of the page on Quora that are ranking in Google.

The next step is to filter by position from 1 to 3.

I also filter by volume from 100

(You may wish to target lower search volume queries if your strategy is to publish a large volume of content, but my strategy is to publish the best quality content to I use 100)

Now I enter my seed keyword (e.g. tennis) to show only relevant pages.

Finally, I click on Traffic to sort the list by pages getting the most traffic.

I’ll scroll down the list and look for things I could write about.

These don’t go on to my list yet though…

I’ll then paste each one into Google.

In this Tweet, I explain what I’m checking for…

Once I know that I can definitely rank in the top 3, the keyword goes onto my list.

As well as Quora, you can repeat this for Reddit, Pinterest and any forums that are specific to your niche.

Happy keyword researching!

See you next week,

– Niche Site Lady

P.S. I didn’t invent this method myself, a lot of people use it.

I learned all of my methods from trying what’s worked for others.

That’s why I watch so much YouTube and spend time on Twitter!

One of my biggest inspirations is Jon Dykstra from Fat Stacks.

He makes 6 figures per month and shares some great tips in his emails.

You can get on his list here: fatstacksblog.com