#48 | The LEANEST way to make money online

One of the things we ALL struggle with, is knowing where to put our time, right?

But what people often don’t consider, is that there is a SUPER LEAN way to run an online business…

For any profitable online business, you need two things:

  1. Content
  2. Eyeballs

Multiply the value that your content gives to the consumer by the number of eyeballs on it.

That’s your revenue.

It’s as simple as that.

(Minus the cost of creating and promoting the content, and that’s cash in your bank.)

So basically, the more value your content gives to the consumers, the fewer eyeballs you actually need.

Now then,

You can create content in a ton of different places –

Your website, YouTube, a podcast, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, email, etc

And you can get eyeballs from just as many sources.

And what we often try to do, is do them all.

Or at least most of them.

I’m guilty! 🙋

But, what if, instead of creating a ton of content in all of these places, we just chose one?

Think of how much more time you’d have free.

Well, lots of people DO choose one.

They choose a website and Google search – right?

But honestly, I hate to say it, but that combo is becoming riskier by the day.

Anyone could be one algorithm update away from doom with that model.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like that level of risk in my life.

There is another way…

(drum roll…)

A Twitter account and email list.

Think about it.

That’s all I have for NSL.

I’m not on YouTube, I’m not on social media, I’m not on podcasts.

My website has 4 pages and took me 20 minutes to make.

All I have is Twitter and an email list.

I started the NSL brand a year ago, and while I don’t publicly share how much money it makes me, I’ll let you into a secret…

It’s more than I ever made in my day job.

For just a few hours per week.

(But much more important than the money is how much I’ve learned from spending a year interacting with people)

This works.

Which is why you’ll see so many niche site people jumping on the Twitter and newsletter train.

The more the merrier!

I love reading newsletters – the good ones are full of golden nuggets.

I love to read about people spending time and money on things before I do, so I know whether to try it out or not.

Growing a following on Twitter (and sending people over to a newsletter) is easy when you know how.

A year ago when I started, I had no idea what to do.

I’d barely used Twitter before.

So I signed up to TweetHunter and just did what it told me!

I didn’t have the time to spend hours learning how the Twitter algorithm works.

I didn’t want to rack my brains trying to think of a tweet only to have it flop.

I wanted to write a banger of a tweet every time, and fast.

And that’s exactly what TweetHunter does –

It has an AI engine that shows the best-performing tweets, tailored to your niche, so you can copy the format that works.

It has a library of 10,000 best-in-class tweets curated by professional tweet ghostwriters that you can tweak. Updated daily.

It has idea generators so you can start threads that your audience will love.

It has clever scheduling tools that adds a minute between each part of a thread (for the algo)

It can auto retweet 12 hours later (for your global audience).

And, importantly, you can automatically plug your newsletter when a Tweet gets a certain number of likes (so the algo doesn’t suppress it).

It’s super clever stuff.

I feel like I’m giving away all my secrets here, LOL!

I might have gained almost 50k followers in a year, yes.

But I’m not a Twitter pro at all.

It’s all down to TweetHunter.

The cat’s out of the bag!

A workman is only as good as his tools.

So, back to my point…

You don’t always need a ton of channels for an online business.

Keeping it lean with just Twitter and a newsletter, can be a very lucrative model with only a few hours per week.

It doesn’t work for all niches.

People don’t go on Twitter to learn about knitting.

But, could it work for yours?


P.S. The TweetHunter blog also has a ton of useful (and free) info to help you grown and monetise your Twitter audience. Check it out here.