#73 | Why I’m starting my day 3 AM

I woke up at 3 am.

Then 3.10 am.

Then 3.20 am.

Each time feeling more and more nauseous

Until I admitted defeat

And then spent the next several hours alternating between laying on the cold bathroom floor, throwing up and flopping back into bed.


I’ve only recently started taking more care of my body.

I joined a gym and went 20 times in a month.

I’ve been adding a sprinkle of mixed seeds to almost every meal.

I’ve cut out unhealthy snacks.

But none of that mattered,

Because your health is never guaranteed.

It’s the same with your business.

You can do everything you’re supposed to do.

Publish 20 times per month

Add in sprinkles of real experience to every post

Cut out any shady tactics

And still, wake up and feel sick as a dog when you see your analytics.


I’ve not been able to get out of bed today.

But I feel incredibly privileged that I can take the day to recover from whatever nasty bug got into my stomach.

When I was employed, this would have meant losing a day’s pay.

Something that could have caused real trouble at the end of the month when my credit card was nearing its limit.

On the days I stayed at home with a baby and toddler,

I would have had to look after them regardless of how sick I felt.

If you’ve ever had to do that, you’ll know how hard those days are.

But luckily, I can take the day to lay in bed, take naps, listen to podcasts and watch YouTube.

All educational, of course.

I don’t want to completely waste the day!

Usually, I’lI cherry-pick the best ones to listen to while I drive or walk the dog.

But today, given the extra time available to me, I expanded my horizons with some of the ones I don’t usually care for.

And maaaan are there a lot of different tactics that you could apply to your niche site!

I just heard Jon Dykstra explain how his VA creates thousands of Pinterest pins per month.

I watched how Julian Goldie publishes 9,458 articles in 12 days.

I watched WP Eagle explain how you can translate your website into another language, creating twice as many articles.

Today’s content binge has really brought home how many different directions people are going in.

And how fast they’re going there!

That feeling of being pulled in every direction at once is an uncomfortable one, particularly when you can never be sure which direction is the best one for you.

So if you’re feeling that too, I get it.

The direction I’m going, for example, isn’t for everybody.

But I’m confident it’s the best for me right now.

My focus is on meticulously updating existing articles to make them the best there is.

Sometimes, this might take me 6 hours per post, or more.

But because the search volumes and RPMs are both so high, this is worth it for me.

And because I’m competing against DR 70+ sites most of the time, I’m investing in digital PR.

The first campaign is about to launch.

This is expensive AF, but again, (hopefully) worth it for me.

I’ll let you know in a future email.

It’s not for everyone though.

If reaching the number one spot would only make you $10 per month, you’d be crazy to spend all day on a post.

But if it can make you $1,000, it makes sense to go all in.

People are doing a lot of different things with their niche sites right now.

Trying to do all of them at once is a bad idea.

Instead, remember that this is YOUR business

And you can design it however you want.

Look at your strengths, look at what you enjoy, do the maths, and pick the path that’s right for you.

Because the options have never been greater.

And if you’re open to looking into new options,

I probably wouldn’t advise you to start watching random YouTube channels.

It’s like the wild west out there!

Some of the crap people are peddling is truly shocking!

Instead, I suggest that you come along to the Niche Site Summit.

23 successful niche site owners will be sharing their best strategies.

It’s free,

And you don’t even have to get out of bed to attend.

These are all tactics that are working,

So you can choose which path you’re heading down from here.

Register now to grab your free pass.

Until next time


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