#75 | I just launched a new niche site

Me: “I’m focusing on ONE website.”

Also me: “This new niche is too good not to go into.”

Hands up if you can relate!

It’s been six months since I launched a site so, of course, I started to get that itchy feeling.

Running a business at 90% profit is GREAT,

But I couldn’t shift the feeling that I should probably be investing some money back into my business.

So I started a new site.

Read on and I’ll tell you why this one is a good idea…

My number one priority for this new website…

Is that it can’t take up more than a couple of hours per week of my time.

I’ve just got myself in a blessed situation where I can take the kids to school, pick them up and fit in a gym session most days.

I’m not about to take time away from my family, my health, or my main site.

Those are my non-negotiables.

So, I’m playing it smart with this one.

My strategy for the new site looks like this:

  1. Outsource the keyword research, site build and content production to an agency
  2. Outsource link-building to another agency
  3. Partner with a niche expert

All that’s left for me to do it oversee everything, which is a few hours per week, MAX.

And of course, count the money. LOL.

In three years, the site should be worth 100X the initial investment.

I fully believe that getting the help of experts to build a content site is the BEST way to multiply your cash.

Here’s exactly how I’m doing it…

1. Creating the site

I’ve outsourced the keyword research, site build, content production and publishing to these guys.

I’ve known the owner, Alex, for a while and the work his team does is incredible.

I’m a bit of a control freak so I also did the KW research myself (couldn’t help it, I just wanted to see) and theirs was just as good as mine, so I know it’s solid.

The site looks amaaaazing – much more professional than the simple designs I did myself on my other sites.

And the content is fantastic too.

I’m really impressed with it.

2. Link building

I hate link-building.

It’s worse than picking up the dog shits from the garden.

But, in 2023, it’s something we can’t avoid.

Gotta do it.

IMO, the safest, most natural, high-impact links come from national newspapers and other big sites.

I’ve had great success with this link building company with my other sites.

So I’ve tasked Chris and his team with building HARO links for this one too.

Job done.

3. Niche expert

Faceless or fake persona sites just do not work any more.

I believe that in 2023 and beyond, every site needs a real expert behind it.

Luckily a friend of mine fits the bill –

She has a lot of experience in the niche and is a great writer.

She’ll be fact-checking and editing the content, taking care of social media and being the face of the site.

We’re working on this project on a revenue-share basis

Because people put their best effort in when they have skin in the game, right?

With this approach, we’ll have taken care of these essential pillars:

✅ Content
✅ Links
✅ Experience

If you want a hands-off approach to creating your next site,

The two things you’ll need to get right are:

  1. Choosing a good niche
  2. Choosing the right people to help

The niche

I did the research myself to know that this niche had great potential for both ad and affiliate revenue.

But if you do want some help with choosing a niche,

The company that built my site, Web Asset Builders, also includes help with niche selection as part of their Done-For-You Niche Site Service.

The people

You’ll know that I only give my personal recommendation to services that I’ve used myself and had a good experience with.

Web Asset Builders has done a fantastic job of building my site.

Want the same?

Right now you can get a Done-For-You niche site from just $1,350.

(I can see this offer being popular, so you might want to get to the front of the queue!)

I’ve been using Linkifi for HARO links for over a year now.

It’s 100% hands-off and they do a great job.

Chris is a top guy and has set up this exclusive offer for you:

Get 10% OFF + A FREE LINK.

(This is only for the first 10 customers who get the 5, 10, or 20 link packages. Please use discount code NSL10 to claim.)

Now all that’s left to do is to find yourself an expert.

Perhaps you already have a friend or a family member who’s mad about a certain niche and would like a fun side hustle?

If not, Facebook groups can be a good place to connect with people who love the niche.

Or maybe you’re the expert?

And you want to skip all the keyword research, site setup, writing, uploading, optimisation and link building.

This method could let you focus on the things you love and the areas where you can add value.

Happy Halloween and look out for my October Income Report next Tuesday – it might be a scary one!


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