#18 | My fake ID

I’ve always been very aware of how much my time is worth.

When I was 16,

I worked in a clothes shop and made £3 per hour.

After work,

When I went to the pub with my fake ID

And bought a beer for £3,

I’d be like DAMN!

I had to hang up clothes for an hour for that beer!

When I bought clothes from the shop where I worked,

I’d be like FFS!

That’s a whole day’s wage for that t-shirt.

So I only spent money on things that I really valued.

When I started working on my first niche website

And it wasn’t making any money,

I’ll be honest

That was kinda hard to deal with!

In that first year,

When you’re not making money,

Please know this…

Your time is not free.

It still has an hourly rate.

And that hourly rate is probably much higher than you imagine!

Let me explain…

That site I just sold…

After the first year,

I looked at my hourly rate and it was $0.32.


But over the course of the two years I had the site,

Including the six-figure sale value,

My hourly rate was $250!

So even that very first hour I put in paid me $250 in the end!

It’s not passive income, it’s delayed income!

So if you’re new-ish to this game

Please don’t think about what your hourly rate from your niche site is NOW.

Think about what it is over the course of the next 2, 5, or 10 years.

There’s no reason why your hourly rate can’t be $250.

Or more!

You can start treating your time as if it’s THAT valuable now.

Because it is!

So long as you have the patience to keep learning and keep working.

If you want to spend three hours playing video games,

Go for it…

But know that you could instead spend that time writing an article

That will make you $750 over the next couple of years.

Only you can decide which is more valuable at any moment.

Want to spend three hours watching SEO videos on YouTube?

Go for it…

But know that you can learn much faster if you take a course.

Only you can decide if investing in one is a valuable use of your money.

Did I learn SEO and niche website building with a course?

No, I didn’t.

I worked as an SEO manager for 10 years

And then watched 1,000 hours of free YouTube videos in the gym, in the car, and while cooking.

Was that the best way?

Hell no! It took me YEARS!

Do you really want to learn all the details you need to be successful?

Then you have options…

1. You can spend no money

But spend 1,000 hours of your time learning for free.

This is a good option if you’re flat-broke,

The only problem is that it can be tricky to pick out the good advice from the bad

(Trust me, there’s plenty of bad advice on YouTube).

If you choose this method, the YouTubers I trust are linked at the bottom of this page.

2. You can spend a few hundred dollars

And learn from experts in a concise and efficient way

(That’s a couple of hours of your total hourly rate over the coming years.)

Only you can decide which path is right for you.

If you’re just dabbling and you’re not committed to success, probably go for option one.

If you’re serious about this and you value your time,

Then there’s a group of people all getting started today with Jon Dykstra’s Niche Site Profits course.

Jon only opens this up a couple of times per year.

The course comes with access to his private mastermind forum.

I’m in there and so are a lot of the people I look up to.

As well as access to the forum full of smart, successful and helpful people,

You get video tutorials and templates by Jon

These show exactly how he’s built a portfolio that makes over $100,000k per month.

It covers absolutely everything,

Including the stuff we all find hard like site speed and link building.

I’ve taken this course myself and I can personally vouch for its quality.

It’s 100% beginner-friendly

But at the same time, I got a lot of new ideas

I learned techniques that Jon has already tried and tested, so I can just copy them risk-free!

Get started now.

See you in there?