#23 | Google is SO dangerous! I searched how to become an arsonist…

I searched how to become an arsonist…

And immediately received 16,000,000 matches!

(Sorry – dad joke!)

Seriously though, Google can be dangerous.

One algorithm update or manual penalty can wipe out your entire business.

We know this, right?

To protect against this risk, it’s important that we diversify.

But what does that mean, exactly?

Well, there are two ways…

One way is to build a portfolio of niche websites.

That way, if Google stops sending traffic to a site,

We have several more that will (hopefully) not be affected.

The other way is to build multiple income streams.

So that we don’t rely on organic traffic too much.

That might include a YouTube channel, a podcast, an email list or social media accounts.

It’s a list of places where we can attract traffic to our website and/or make affiliate sales, aside from Google.

But which of these methods is best?

Well, some successful online publishers on Twitter,

Like Jon from Fat Stacks and Anne from Yeys have 10+ sites

They keep them simple with no social media or email list building on most sites.

Others, like Kevin from Epic Gardening or Luke from Diamond Lobby each have just one site,

But they’re building brands with YouTube, social media, podcasts and/or email newsletters.

So, we can see that both options are certainly viable.

I was interested to read emails from both Jon and Anne this week.

They had both attended Mediavine’s Premiere Publishers retreat

With people who earn at least $500,000 per year from ads…

They said that most of the publishers they spoke to had just one site, but multiple media channels.

Which begs the question –

Should we be listening to ‘niche site influencers’ on Twitter and YouTube who have a large portfolio of smaller sites, each making only a few $ per month?

Or should we be taking more notice of these silent millionaires with passion blogs?

It’s an question I’ve been thinking about more and more…

What do I do myself?

Currently, I have a hybrid model…

I have one main site that also has an strong email list and Instagram (plus I’m considering YouTube).

This is a personal brand and I’m incredibly passionate about the niche, having worked in it for many years before I started blogging.

Then, I also have three other sites that I am growing with the intention of selling in the coming years.

This strategy works well for me currently.

Will it work in 5-10 years?

Possibly not.

We’re all busy building the internet and the content is getting better and better.

Eventually, it won’t be the person with the most sites that wins,

It will be the person with the best site.

I treat my travel blog like my day job.

The other three sites (and my NSL brand) are just side hustles.

And that works for me.

Eventually, I’ll have just the one brand, and I’ll be the leader in that space.

Plus this Niche Site Lady side hustle, as I love writing these emails for you guys.

Until next time,