#24 | My long flat bits.

When I started building websites, it felt like nothing was happening for a really long time.

Here’s a graph of pageviews for my travel blog,

From when I started it until now…

Google Analytics

Looks flat for ages, right?

Did I know it would take that long?

Absolutely not.

I didn’t even know I could make a full-time income from the site!

Considering I was employed as an SEO manager, I was so clueless.

I kept going because I love the niche and I had a genuine desire to help people to find information that wasn’t online.

I wasn’t motivated by money,

Because I didn’t even know I could make money!

I wasn’t on Twitter.

But even if I was,

I’m not sure that there was anyone sharing their journey like there is today.

That’s why I started posting on Twitter with my anonymous account Niche Site Lady –

To show what’s possible,

And to show why you shouldn’t give up.

Because I get it,

Not everyone has an undying love for their niche like I do.

Some of you just don’t want a boss anymore.

You want to be able to take time off to see your kid’s nativity without putting a request in.

And I applaud that!

Sometimes, it’s not passion for the niche that drives you,

It’s making enough money from it.

That’s totally okay.

But if that’s the case,

Then passion won’t always drive you to continue,

You need to know when the money will come.

So I’ll keep sharing my journey to inspire you.

A timeline can be helpful.

But of course, you can’t compare your timeline to someone else’s.

Well, you could, but you really shouldn’t.

Every site is different.

But, what you can do, is look at that long flat bit,

And expect it for any new site you build.

And, you can also expect some bumps in the road.

That bump where it says 2020?

That’s where the site started getting traction just before we all got locked in our houses.

That drop for the last two months?

That’s because summer is over.

So yes, it will take a long time.

And yes, some months you will see a drop in traffic.

But as long as you trust in the process

And keep learning,

You’ll get there.

I learned most of what I know by watching YouTube and listening to podcasts.

There’s a list of my favourite ones over on my Resources page under the ‘Education’ heading.

Whenever I’m driving/walking/cooking/working out/doing chores, I’m listening to those guys.

I’m learning what’s worked for them so I can try it.

I’m learning what hasn’t so I don’t waste my time.

And most importantly,

I’m learning what’s possible and being motivated by it.

Until next time!


P.S. One important thing I just learned…

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To help you do the same, I’m collating all the best Black Friday offers on the things I pay for and I’ll share that with you soon.

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