#7 | How I got 25,000 email subscribers (with barely any effort)


An email list is such a valuable asset to any online business.

Google can stop sending you traffic,

YouTube can shut down your channel,

You can be banned from social media with no explanation,

But NOBODY can take your email list.

Just ask @milesbeckler.

He’s a really smart guy and definitely worth follow.

(He didn’t ask me to say that, I’m just a big fan)

On my travel blog,

I grew my email ist to 25,000 subscribers pretty easily.

I’m not saying I’m the best at this,

I’m really not an expert at all

When it comes to email marketing.

I barely put any effort in at all,

To be honest.

Here’s the lazy way I built my email list…

It took a couple of hours to set up

And collects emails for me while I sleep.

1. The first thing you need is a lead magnet.

Something that you can give away for free

In exchange for an email address.

(That reminds me, I need to make one for my Niche Site Lady brand, don’t I?)

Some people use a one-page PDF, like a checklist

Some use an e-book

I like to use calculators.

Calculators are handy for virtually any niche:

  • Motorcycle loan calculator
  • Pokemon type calculator
  • Condom size calculator

People want these.

Trust me.

The ‘condom size calculator’ alone has 4,700 searches per month according to ahrefs.

That’s a lot of guys with rulers.

Anyway, you’re not just helping people who are actively searching for those calculators.

Oh no.

You can offer them to anyone who visits a relevant page on your site.

Someone’s reading your post about the best swimwear for small dicks?


“Get the free condom size calculator here.”

If you can’t get one to stay on, and it’s ruining your sex life, you’ll probably want that.

I imagine.

I mean, I don’t even have a dick.

What do I know?

It’s just an example.

2. Next, make a calculator

The important bit.

Making an online calculator sounds complicated

But it’s actually really easy.

I use a free plugin called Forminator.

This builds the calculator just how you want it.

You just make a page on your site

And put in the shortcode.

That’s it.

3. Now, make a pop-up

Most email marketing software allows you to create pop-ups for free.

I use Mailerlite currently and that does.

Building the pop-up takes a couple of minutes using their template.

The more relevant it is to the page,

The more success you’ll have.

The ‘condom size calculator’ won’t work so well on a page about bras.


So, I make lots of different calculators.

If they calculate similar things,

They’re easy to duplicate.

4. Test and tweak

That’s all you need to get up and running.

If you want, you can run A/B tests

To test different wording, colours, delay time, etc.

And try other types such as in-content forms.

All that’s optional, but good to do later down the line.

The main thing is, you’re now building an email list

And you’ve opened a whole new income stream!


Until next time!

– Nice Site Lady