#8 | My simple formula that gets 2,000 visits to every post


Whether you’re writing the content yourself
Or paying someone else to do it,
Niche website building is a numbers game.


I want every post I create to get at least 2,000 visits per month.
So that even if the RPM is low
(I’d say $15 is low)
It will make me about $30 per month
Recurring forever.

Of course, some people are happy with 200 visits per month from a post.
That’s fine too
If your writers are much cheaper than mine.
Or if you’re happy to wait longer for a return.

The numbers can still stack up.

But for me, 2,000 is the goal.

So, does that mean that I only go after keywords that have a search volume of at least 2,000 in KW research tools like ahrefs?
Absolutely not!
Everyone’s going after those!
They’re usually too competitive for me.

(As I’m not mad into link building)

I write posts that rank for thousands of smaller keywords.
Let me show you…

Most of us know to optimise for the featured snippet, right?
We’ll create a paragraph of 40-50 words that perfectly answers the main keyword/question of the post.
This is the perfect bait for Google to pull through to position zero,
In the featured snippet spot.


But I rarely stop at one.
I usually optimise for 10 or more of these.

Sometimes, more than 20 in each post.

Let’s say I have an article titled ‘What are the best tent pegs?’

I won’t just write a featured snippet target for this keyword.
I’ll also write one for:

  • Are aluminium tent pegs worth it?
  • What are the best tent pegs for hard ground?
  • Are plastic tent pegs any good?
  • What are the strongest tent pegs?
  • What are the best tent pegs for sand?
  • Etc Etc

Depending on the article, these questions could be the H2s or H3s.

Or, I might have headings like

‘Best Tent Pegs For Sand’

It doesn’t really matter

So long as the featured snippet answer target is perfect.

Now, the important bit…

How to quickly get a list of questions to answer in your post.

I’ve tried lots of ways to do this:

  • Letting Google autocomplete my search
  • Manually opening the People Also Ask section
  • Scraping the People Also Ask Section with SEO Minion

The problem I found is that all of these methods take a long time

And they miss a lot of good questions.

But recently, I discovered a tool called SearchResponse.io

Before I get into it, I want to tell you that

I’m not being paid to mention this tool

I’m not on commission for sales

I just honestly think that it’s amazing.

SearchRespose.io scrapes millions of People Also Ask queries and ranks them according to popularity.

It’s as simple as that.

So when I enter ‘tent pegs’

It gives me a list of 127 questions that I can include in my article!

That’s 127 chances to rank for featured snippets!

I won’t use them all,

But the questions are ranked according to how many times they appear on Google’s results page.

And there are filters to help me find the most relevant ones.

So it’s easy to cherry pick the very best.

SearchResponse.io does quite a few more cool things as well.

And I might go through those in a future email

If you’d find that useful.

But for now,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love this tool.

Not only does it save me hours each day

But it also means that each article can rank for many more keywords than it would otherwise.

So, it’s taking pride of place on my bookmark bar!

There’s a free version and a paid version

But honestly,

I’m surprised the free version is free!

It’s too good.

It’s a new tool though, so maybe that’s why.

I hope you find this useful too.

Until next time

– Niche Site Lady

P.S I learned most of what I know from watching free YouTube videos

(and the rest from 12 years in employment as an SEO manager)

But I want to increase my knowledge further.

So I’ve signed up for a few paid SEO courses.

It’s back to school for me!

I’ll let you know how I get on.